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Procurement Vehicles

Purchase Gantz-Mountain Intelligence Automation Systems via the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR)

 Interlocal Cooperative Contract (ICC) - "State Negotiated Contract for Discounts and Rapid Acquisition, Open to all States"

Gantz-Mountain Intelligence Automation Systems, Inc. is proud to be a vendor of surveillance, security and monitoring products and related services through the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Contract and Services Program.  The Texas DIR not only provides a streamlined procurement mechanism of Gantz-Mountain products for agencies in Texas, but also allows customers outside of Texas to leverage the program though a Interlocal Cooperative Contract (ICC).  The process to establish an ICC is efficient and many agencies outside of Texas already have these agreements in place as indicated on the DIR Cooperative Contracts page.

Under Texas DIR contract DIR-TSO-3642, Gantz-Mountain offers the Mini Tactical Special Operations Forces (SOF) Intelligence Automation System (MT-5), training, and maintenance services.  This cutting-edge technology serves as a force multiplier that reduces bandwidth and manpower requirements during surveillance and reconnaissance operations in support of law enforcement and security.

To take advantage of Texas DIR contract DIR-TSO-3642 to purchase Gantz-Mountain Intelligence Automation Systems’ products and services, visit Gantz-Mountain Texas DIR.

For Procurement Planning, please contact Gantz-Mountain for a Request for Quote.

Note: Discounted pricing is available for Federal, State, and Local Government Customers.  State and Local Government customers can receive discounted pricing through the Texas DIR Contract.   Please contact Gantz-Mountain Directly for details on discounting for Federal Government Customers.

For Federal Government Rapid Acquisition contact Gantz-Mountain at info@gantz-mountain.com